Furniture Glides Info

Glides are little plastic, felt, or steel protectors attached to the bottoms of chair and table legs for ease of movement and to prevent floor scratches. Glides also reduce friction which prevents stressed joints and other problems. When choosing glides for your chairs, make sure that you choose the appropriate glide for the surface it will be in contact with. Felt glides are the most gentle and are used for wood, stone, vinyl, cork or any smooth surface. Use plastic glides when your chairs or tables could be on multiple floor types. Nickel plated steel glides are commonly used for carpet floors. A glide's base diameter should be slightly smaller than the leg. Steel glides can come with a single prong attachment or 3-prong attachment (see pictures above). Single prong glides are used on legs of smaller diameters. Use 3-prong glides when your furniture leg is 1" in diameter or greater.
Removing and replacing glides on chairs and tables is super easy, and it is a repair that anyone can do to ensure that you have happy furniture.

First pry up the glide with a screwdriver, but pry away from yourself because the screwdriver could slip. We've made this mistake a few times, and it hurts. 

Next, using a tack-pulling or prying tool, pull the glide the remainder of the way out. You are essentially removing a nail. Install your new glide by hammering it in. Use a mallet if you have one. If you are using a hammer, place a couple of layers of duct tape on the end to avoid marring your glide. Pretty easy, and your furniture is ready to go!

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