Nyalox Sanding Brushes

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    Achieve a flawless finish with our Nyalox Sanding Brushes collection at Restoration Supplies. These brushes are specifically designed to outperform traditional wire brushes, ensuring consistent performance throughout their lifetime. Whether you're looking to remove paint, rust, or simply polish a surface, these brushes are up to the task. With three color-coded abrasive styles - Gray for 80 grit coarse, Orange for medium 120 grit, and Blue for fine 240 grit - you can choose the perfect brush for your specific needs. They are ideal for use with both electric and cordless drills, and their durability ensures they last up to ten times longer than conventional wire brushes. Dive into our collection and discover the superior sanding and polishing capabilities of Nyalox brushes.
    3 products
    Nyalox End Brush Trunk Restoration Nyalox Blue - 240grit - Fine
    Nyalox End Brush
    Nyalox Cup Brush Trunk Restoration Nyalox Blue - 240grit - Fine
    Nyalox Cup Brush
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