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    We proudly carry Pacific Northwest made Daly's Wood Stains, Finishes & Conditioners.

    • Benite Wood Conditioner - A deeply penetrating wood conditioner which becomes an integral part of the wood cell structure. It does not leave a surface film, and reduces the possibility of grain raising. Benite is excellent as a pre-conditioner to avoid "spotty" stain and finish penetration.
    • BenMatte Danish Tung Oil - Penetrates the structure of new or bare wood to create a beautiful, low luster oil-rubbed finish. It has the added protection of modern synthetic resins and hardeners in addition to tung oil.
    • SeaFin Teak Oil - High quality, penetrating oil that dries to a low sheen to seal and protect interior and exterior woods from moisture and weathering. It creates a durable non-slip surface to repel water and resist wear.
    • ProFin - Exceptionally durable hard drying, quick set oil based finish. Easy to apply, it produces a professional finish, and is often used where spraying is not practical.
    • CrystalFin Acrylic Polyurethane - Clear water-based finish that is brushable, fast drying, non-toxic, non-yellowing and highly protective. Modern technology renders this finish extremely resistant to marring, scuffing, alcohol, boiling water, and most household cleaners, CrystalFin is ideal for all interior wood surfaces, especially for low odor requirements and easy clean-up.
    • AquaSpar - Waterborne polyurethane spar varnish, designed for marine applications or our rainy PNW weahter. Offers excellent protection from sun, salt air or anything else life can throw at it.
    • SeaFin Super Spar Varnish with UVA (Ultraviolet Light Absorber) - High gloss oil based marine finish that forms a durable, yet flexible protective top coat. Very resistant to weathering, To be used in all applications calling for an exterior spar varnish.
    • Daly's Wood Stain - Tung oil-based penetrating stain with oil pigment colorants. It combines the beauty of a hand rubbed oil finish with the added protection of synthetic resins. It resists fading and damage from sunlight.
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