Replacement Key for Trunk Lock

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Replacement Key for Trunk Lock Trunk Restoration Restoration Supplies

Replacement Key for Trunk Lock

SKU: G14
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Replacement Key for Trunk Lock: Preserving Antique Legacy

Historical Significance and Utility

Antique trunks, once central to travel and storage, heavily relied on locks for security. Initially handcrafted before 1833, trunk locks evolved with the advent of machine manufacturing around 1836. This period coincided with the booming trunk industry between 1860 and 1900 in early America, necessitating robust lock systems. Trunk manufacturers either made their own locks or sourced them from prominent lock companies. The locks, often stamped with patent dates and manufacturer names, are key in determining a trunk's age and origin. The complexity of these mechanisms increased over time, making the keys, especially for older trunks, rare and challenging to replicate.

The Need for Replacement Keys

Replacement keys are crucial in antique trunk restoration, given the scarcity of original keys and the defunct status of many early lock manufacturers. The common types of trunk keys included hollow/barrel, flat, and corrugated keys, each unique to specific lock styles. Preservation of an antique trunk’s authenticity and functionality often hinges on finding the correct key type, based on the lock's manufacturer and number. Attempting to force open a locked trunk without the proper key can cause irreversible damage to both the lock and the trunk itself, emphasizing the importance of acquiring the right replacement key.


  • Compatible Trunk Locks: Fits G34 and G51 trunk locks
  • DimensionsOverall - 1-9/16" long x 1" wide


The replacement key for trunk locks serves not just as a tool for access but as a vital component in preserving the integrity and historical value of antique trunks. It symbolizes the intricate craftsmanship of the past and the ongoing effort to maintain these vintage pieces for future generations.

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