Kitchen Wood Treatment

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Kitchen Wood Treatment

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Daly's Kitchen Wood Treatment is a premium product designed to rejuvenate and protect wooden kitchenware. This treatment is crafted from high-grade non-toxic ingredients, ensuring it never turns rancid, making it an excellent choice for cutting boards, bowls, and kitchen utensils.

By using this treatment periodically, it prevents food particles from penetrating the wood, facilitating easier cleaning and promoting improved kitchen hygiene.

The application is straightforward: simply use a lint-free cloth to apply a generous amount, wait for a few minutes, and then wipe off any excess. Each bottle contains a net weight of 4 oz.

This treatment not only preserves the quality of the wood but also enhances its natural beauty, giving your kitchenware a fresh, polished look.


For this board I used a power sander (saves time and effort and gets out deeper scratches, but is ultimately unnecessary)

  • Made sure the board was bone dry

  • Sanded with 80 grit sandpaper until majority of cut marks were gone and the surface was all fresh wood

  • Then sanded with 120 grit sandpaper to start the smoothing process, and to round the edges slightly to prevent splintering

  • Finished with 220 sand paper for very smooth surface

  • Used #0000 steel wool to help close up the wood pores on the surface and polish the wood (this step is optional but very satisfying) *Note : steel wool can leave small bits of metal dust that should be wiped down & allowed to dry.

  • Applied the Daly's Kitchen Wood Treatment by following instructions on the bottle (wipe on, wait a bit, wipe off)

  • Allowed it to dry for several hours, then applied it again (optional but recommended)

You can also use these same steps for wooden bowls & salad tongs.

To view and download the MSDS for this product, click here.


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