Escutcheon Pins 3/4", per dozen

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Escutcheon Pins 3/4", per dozen All Other Products Restoration Supplies

Escutcheon Pins 3/4", per dozen

SKU: K64
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Premium Escutcheon Pins

Discover the art of precision with our finely crafted escutcheon pins. These diminutive yet sturdy pins are the go-to choice for affixing escutcheons - those ornamental or protective plates that frame keyholes, handles, or knobs. Beyond their primary role, escutcheon pins shine in a myriad of woodworking and artisanal projects, offering both strength and subtlety. Crafted for a snug fit, they ensure that every detail, no matter how small, stays perfectly in place. Whether you're breathing new life into a vintage heirloom or crafting a masterpiece from scratch, our escutcheon pins are the subtle touch that makes a world of difference.

An Escutcheon Pin is a decorative nail with a round, domed head. It is usually made of or plated with brass or copper and used for fastening escutcheons (key hole covers), label-card holders, or other decorative surface hardware to wood surfaces.

14 gauge brass, 3/4" long

Sold by the dozen

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