Restoring, repurposing or updating an antique trunk.


Every family has an old trunk or two laying around, so why not put them back into use?

The internet is chock-full of hints & tips for restoring trunks & it can seem a bit overwhelming.

Depending on the condition of your trunk & what you want the final result to be, you could have the job in a weekend or span a few weekends. 

You can do a full dismantle by removing all the old hardware or you can work on the trunk as is & just replace broken or missing pieces, which of course is less time consuming. 

trunk corner

We have instructions on how to replace trunk handles and that will give you an idea how the trunks are put together which can help you with the other parts. 

A power drill and our Dico Sanding Wheels are a must have, they come in three different abrasive grits, the gray (course grit) one is good for removing rust from metal & if you happen to hit some wood parts, they won't mar it too much.

The orange (medium grit) is good for removing the dirt & grime from the wood slats. 

The Blue (fine grit) is good for all over cleaning & brass hardware.