Trunk Roller, Cast Brass

Trunk Roller, Cast Brass Trunk Restoration Restoration Supplies
Trunk Roller, Cast Brass Trunk Restoration Restoration Supplies
Trunk Roller, Cast Brass Trunk Restoration Restoration Supplies

Trunk Roller, Cast Brass

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Cast Brass Trunk Roller: A Blend of Function and Elegance

Historical Insight and Utility

Antique trunks, intricate containers reflecting various eras and styles, were fundamental in the 19th and early 20th centuries for storage and transportation. Initially, they were made from wooden slats, covered with hides, canvas, or other durable materials. Common types included barrel stave trunks with a water-shedding rounded top, flat top trunks for easier stacking and transport, and monitor top trunks, favored for ship travel due to their slightly flatter sides. As transportation evolved with railways and steamships, trunk designs became more elaborate, incorporating metals like brass and iron, and leather coverings​​. Wardrobe trunks emerged, functioning as portable closets with compartments, hangers, and mirrors, symbolizing the peak of trunk evolution​​.

Importance of Trunk Rollers

In this historical context, the cast brass trunk roller plays a crucial role. Trunk rollers, like those made of cast brass, were essential for maneuvering these heavy and ornate trunks. They provided mobility and ease of transport, especially important in an era when trunks were a primary means of carrying personal belongings over long distances.


  • Material: Cast Brass
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall: 3-3/16" high x 7/8" wide
    • Roller: 5/8" diameter x 7/16" wide
  • Finish: Cast Brass
  • Included: Fasteners

Assessment of Value and Condition

The value of antique trunks, and by extension their components like rollers, hinges on factors such as age, original hardware, structural integrity, interior condition, and exterior appearance. Original components like handles, latches, and rollers contribute significantly to a trunk's value, especially when they are functional and well-preserved​​. The condition of these parts is paramount; a trunk with its hardware in good shape is more valuable.


The cast brass trunk roller is not just a functional piece; it's a testament to the rich history of travel and craftsmanship. Its design and material reflect the era's emphasis on durability and elegance, making it a prized piece for both collectors and those involved in restoration.


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