How to Reinstall Tea Cart Wheel Rubber

Reapplying Rubber Tea Cart Wheels

Supplies Needed: 
Replacement Rubber, we sell it by the inch.
Steel Wool and 220 grit sand paper 
Super Glue (or similar professional strength super glue) 
- A sharp pair of Scissors 

Disassemble the wheel(s) to easily gain access to the circular piece. This will also make it easier to remove the old rubber if there is any.tea cart wheel

Most new o-ring material will have a gummy coating from the manufacturing process. It’s best to clean the rubber first, before cutting or gluing it, using some steel wool. We recommend single ought or even 4 ought steel wool to give the rubber a nice shine.clean rubber

The bottom piece is the uncleaned o-ring, the top is the cleaned material.tea cart wheel rubber

Measure the circumference of the wheel (diameter X 3.14) you’ll be applying the rubber to, then cut ~1” extra length. The material cuts easily with Scissors.

cutting rubber

Wrap the rubber around the wheel, and make a mark where the two ends should meet up. Cut off the excess, and make sure the O-Ring is not loose enough to roll off after glued.wrap the wheel

Using some Super glue, apply a small amount all around one of the cut ends.


Then press the two ends together firmly, holding them for ~10 seconds. The glue should be fully dry within 10 minutes.hold the rubber

Using the steel wool (or 220 Sand Paper if necessary), sand away any excess glue and re-polish the rubber. Then roll the rubber onto the wheel, re-assemble, and you're done!attach the rubber


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