All about Trunks

About Antique Trunks:

"Jenny Lind" Trunks (1850 - 1870's):

In 1850, Jenny Lind, known as "The Swedish Nightingale", came to America for a two year concert tour. Her luggage trunks were copied by American trunk makers and became enormously popular with the public. "Jenny Lind" trunks are also referred to as "Stage Coach" or "Bread Loaf" trunks. They were usually covered in tooled leather and had brass locks and elaborate interiors.

"Dome Top" Trunks (1870's - 1920's)

Most of the trunks we see are dome tops. This was a popular style of trunk because when it was loaded onto a baggage car no one else's trunk could be stacked on top of yours! Three different types of dome top trunks are the "Barrel Stave", the "Camel Back" and the "Hump Back". Barrel Staves have horizontal running slats on the top. Camel Backs have vertically running top slats with one center slat. Hump Backs also have vertically running top slats but with no center slat. 

"Flat Top" Trunks (1870's - 1920's)

Flat tops were typically covered in canvas or sheet metal with hardwood slats on top.