Zap Glues *Size & Consistency Options

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These Zap glues are a great time saver for woodworkers & furniture restorers.

Zap/CA is very thin, penetrating and instant curing. One or two drops are all that's necessary. It's wicking action allows assembly prior to gluing. Hold parts tightly together and apply a drop of Zap/CA to the outside of the seam. It penetrates into the joint and cures in 10 to 15 seconds. Great for tightening loose chair joints!

ZAP-A-GAP - Medium is a bit thicker and slower curing than ZAP/CA, allowing more assembly time. It is a great gap filling adhesive for those jobs with spaces or cracks of less than 1/16". Apply the glue then place the parts together. Cures in 30 to 45 seconds.

Slo Zap - Thick and strong for high-stress areas. Works well on hard woods such as Maple and Oak. It's also good at filling gaps & best for those jobs where assembly time is required, allowing 30 to 40 seconds of positioning time. Cures in 1-2 minutes


Available in 3 sizes

  • 1oz
  • 2oz
  • 4oz