Strand Cane

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Strand cane is used when doing hand woven cane. For the weaving of Cane Chairs. We have three different widths available, see the chart below to determine what size you need. 

Available in:

  • Full Hank - Approximately 800-1000 feet of cane per hank. One hank will do three average size chair seats (12" x 14").
  • 1 Chair Coil - Approximately 270 feet per bundle which will do one average size (12" x 14") chair seat & includes an 8' strand of Binder Cane for finishing.
To Determine the size of cane needed: Measure hole size & measure the distance from center to center of 2 adjacent holes.
 Size  Hole Diameter  Crt. to Ctr.
 Fine Fine 3/16"  3/8" 
 Fine 3/16" 1/2" 
Narrow Medium 1/4" 3/4"