Mohawk Fil-Stik

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Easily eliminates scratches, nicks or abrasions on wood furniture.

With Mohawk Fil-Stik® you can quickly and easily eliminate scratches, nicks or abrasions on wood furniture, picture frames, plastics and paneling.  They are a semi-hard filler putty stick. No heat or special tools required. Just simply rub the wax stick in damaged areas to fill and scrape remaining product off using a credit card to leave an even, leveled surface. Works well on most wooden surfaces in low traffic areas. Can be protected with top coatings. 

Available in 9 Colors: 

  • almond.jpg Almond
  • natural-oak.jpg Natural Oak
  • wheat.jpg Wheat
  • salme-maple.jpg Salem Maple
  • tuscany.jpg Tuscany
  • honey-walnut.jpg Honey Walnut
  • red-brown-mahogany.jpg Red Brown Mahogany
  • deep-mahogany.jpg Deep Mahogany
  • extra-dark-walnut.jpg Extra Dark Walnut