Mar-a-way Instant Restorer

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Mar-a-way Instant Restorer is an excellent cleaner of old finishes dulled by time, soil or oxidation. It also restores finish damaged with white spots or rings caused by water, alcohol or heat. If you purchase one of the colors, it will conceal nicks, scratches, and abrasions. 

Only available in gallons. 

**Mar-a-way is not a stain that you would use to stain bare wood.  It is only slightly tinted, enough to help scratches & nicks "disappear".
**Mar-a-way is not a finish.  It cleans already existing finishes.  If you are seeing bare wood or have raw wood that's been oiled, Mar-a-way is not the product for your situation.

Available in 5 color Options:

  • Neutral has no color, so it isn't as successful at concealing scratches. Still great at cleaning & restoring luster & removing white rings!
  • Oak works best with light brown wood.
  • Mahogany works best with red-toned wood.
  • Maple works best with orange-brown toned wood.
  • Walnut works best with dark brown wood.

Tip:  Pick a color that might be lighter than the wood tones, as opposed to darker.  For example, if your wood is a medium brown, pick the oak rather than the walnut color.  Putting a darker color into the scratches might make them stand out more, rather than disappear!

PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend this product to all of our customers, however, finishes and situations vary so we cannot guarantee its success on your piece.

Please call the shop for business pricing. (541) 929-6681


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    Posted by Landon Collins on Nov 18th 2019

    I do piano refinishing. Next to stripping and refinishing, this is the most effective product I have EVER used. An amazing product for touch up when you are on the fence about refinishing and stripping I Highly recommend it.