Kitchen Wood Treatment

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Daly's Kitchen Wood Treatment is made from high grade non-toxic ingredients, will never turn rancid and is an excellent treatment for cutting boards, bowls & kitchen utensils. Periodic treatment keeps foodstuffs from penetrating the wood for easier cleaning & improved kitchen hygiene. 
Directions: Use a lint free cloth & rub on a generous amount; wait a few minutes & wipe off excess.
Net Wt. 4 oz.


For this board I used a power sander (saves time and effort and gets out deeper scratches, but is ultimately unnecessary)
  • Made sure the board was bone dry 
  • Sanded with 80 grit sandpaper until majority of cut marks were gone and the surface was all fresh wood 
  • Then sanded with 120 grit sandpaper to start the smoothing process, and to round the edges slightly to prevent splintering 
  • Finished with 220 sand paper for very smooth surface 
  • Used #0000 steel wool to help close up the wood pores on the surface and polish the wood (this step is optional but very satisfying) *Note : steel wool can leave small bits of metal dust that should be wiped down & allowed to dry.
  • Applied the Daly's Kitchen Wood Treatment by following instructions on the bottle (wipe on, wait a bit, wipe off) 
  • Allowed it to dry for several hours, then applied it again (optional but recommended) 
 You can also use these same steps for wooden bowls & salad tongs.

To view and download the MSDS for this product, click here!