Fiber Seat Board - Fleur-de-lis, Round

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Fiber Seat Boards are excellent replacement seats for chairs that had caned seats, cardboard seats, leather seats, etc. 
This fiber seat board has an embossed Fleur-de-lis design.  It is molded to fit down into a hole in the chair seat. Be sure the pattern size is smaller than the hole in your chair. 
This replacement seat would require a round hole with a minimum 10 7/8" diameter".
Please note that this fiber seat comes in light reddish brown tone. The red can be toned down with a stain, if desired. Contact us with questions.

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View the installation tutorial here.  photo 1_zps350f441a.jpg
Untrimmed Seat: 14 1/2" x 14 1/2"
Front to back (A): 10 1/2"
We recommend using item T7 or T1 for installation of the seats because they have small heads with a low dome. The nails can be spaced according to taste, but not to exceed two inches from center of tack to center of tack.