Daly's LemOil

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Daly's Lem-Oil. A wipe-on treatment for all wood finishes. Used to clean and maintain paneling, furniture, and cabinets. Ideal for hardwood floors, restores luster to worn areas while producing a non-slip finish. Has a refreshing citrus scent. 
Pint size can
Key Benefits:

  • Interior
  • Use over oil, varnish, lacquer and enamel
  • Ideal for hardwood floors
  • Wipe-on treatment

Dampen a soft cloth with LemOil. Apply evenly to surface. Allow to set a few minutes then buff dry using a dry, soft cloth, rubbing briskly with the grain. For heavily soiled areas, apply generously, let set a few minutes, then wipe dry. Repeat if necessary.


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