Curly Maple Flat Cut Veneer

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Curly Maple Flat Cut Veneer. Curly maple wood is also known by other names including "flame", "tiger", and "fiddleback" maple. The figure, which occurs in less than 1 in 25 logs, contains cross-grain shimmering ripples where cell orientation is balanced but uneven.

 Flexible Veneer consists of 1/64" thick real wood veneer permanently bonded under heat and pressure to a 10 millimeter non-woven fiber backing, allowing it to be applied to curved surfaces. It can be applied to almost any substrate, including metal, plywood, particle board, etc. This veneer finishes like any other real wood and can be lightly sanded, sealed, stained, filled, and finished with top coats.

 Comes in 2' width & a choice of lengths for all your woodworking projects.