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Antique Telephone Switchboard

Antique Telephone Switchboard

Posted by Tina Murry on Jun 4th 2019


We're getting a chance to restore a piece of my hometown history... An original Telephone Switchboard

Waldport neighbors set up private lines that were maintained by the owners about 1903. Yachats was first to be served by an organized telephone company & was extended to Waldport-Eckman Creek area about 1909. A company was organized at that time & sold shares for $1.00 each. The first office was in the Central Hotel. In 1914 Bessie & Cora Buker ran a tiny switch board that could handle only 2 calls at a time. Phone lines went from tree to tree with many storm repairs. In 1923 Bert & Gertie Weist bought the company with the office then next to Bland’s Market on Mill street. Ed & Anna Sells acquired the company in 1932 & moved it to the corner of Spencer & Broadway, where the house still sits.. The US Congress passed an amendment to provide loans to improve rural service. A non-profit called Pioneer Telephone Coop bought the private enterprise from the last owner, Mr. Pete Baker, of the Coast Telephone Company in 1950, which still serves the community.
Thank you Waldport Heritage Museum for the brief history!

According to Pioneer Telephone this switchboard was used in Waldport at some point during its life.
Please keep checking back for updates on the restoration of this fun piece of local history.