Before & After Pictures

Nothing tells a tale like a before & after picture!

 There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a project through from beginning to end! Sometimes it’s hard to remember where it all started, so we take pictures of many of our projects here at Furniture Restoration Center of Oregon. We try not only take shots of the beginning & end, but we also like to photograph the process our technicians took to get there.

  We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our world and that you will be inspired to tackle your own project! Don’t forget, we are here to help! 

dsc-0106-clipped-rev-2-1-clipped-rev-1.png Mid 1800's Upholstered Chair dsc-1236-clipped-rev-1.jpeg Beautiful Blue Trunk

oregon-trail-trunk.jpg Antique Oregon Trail Trunk  1841 Brunswick Musket 1841 Brunswick Musket
dsc-0814-clipped-rev-1.jpg 1880's Leather Trunk
childs-stove.jpeg 1930's Play Stove