Glues & Epoxy

Yellow Wood Glue
*Use when time is not an issue & there are no gaps to fill because it shrinks as it dries. (So the break or joint should be tight fitting without gaps or chips of wood missing.)
*This type of glue dries by evaporation, which means it is slow to dry. 
*You will need clamps to hold the item while it is drying.
*Yellow glue will absorb into the wood fibers forming a strong bond that will not easily be broken..

Epoxy Glue
*Epoxy glues have 2 parts that you mix together. 1 part is resin, 1 part is a hardening agent.
*Use when there are gaps to fill & you don't need the quicker set-up time of the zap glues.
*It is also good for bonding different materials together, like wood & metal.
*It is non-shrinking.
*Epoxy glues grab the wood on the surface, rather than penetrating, like the yellow glues.

Zap Glue:
* These are Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. Use when time is an issue.
*The brand we use at our shop and sell is Zap. It is available in 3 consistencies. You make your choice by how much filling you need. The super thick is good if you have a large gap to fill. The thick, minor gaps. You may have a situation where taking a joint apart is not an option or not necessary. In this case, the "Thin" works well because it can be wicked into the joint.