5" or 7" Rounded Oak Desk Handle

$3.30 - $3.80
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Wooden Desk Handle

Oak Handle, rounded design. Perfect for a desk!
Unfinished & ready for you to match to your piece of furniture.
Available in 2 Sizes:

  • Small -  3/8"h x 5"w    Projection: 1" Mounting Screws included
  • Medium - 3/8"h x 7"w  Projection: 1" Mounting Screws included

**Often times, screws are not provided with the purchase of wood handles. The reason is because the thickness of the material you will be mounting to, is unknown. So the length of the screw needed must be determined by the installer.

For this desk handle, there are 2 possible ways you might attach it to a drawer:
1. You can run screws through the back of the drawer into the handle, paying close attention to what length of screw is long enough to go through the drawer face and into the handle, without poking through the front of the handle.  (This is not a good look!)
2. Another option is to glue the handle to the drawer face and then reinforce the bond by installing small finish nails through the front of the handle.  This will require you to countersink the nails a bit and then fill the holes with one-part filler to cover the heads of the nails.