Screw Bolts for Knobs

These screw bolts are made for connecting glass knobs to drawers and doors. They come in three sizes and can be used with any knob that connects through the front with a bolt. Using these screw bolts lets you avoid having extra bolt length out the back of your knob, which catch on things and be unsightly. With traditional machine bolts, it is necessary to clip the end of the bolt, but with these screw bolts, you can have a flush finish without any cutting!

To determine which size you need, you will need the combined measurement of the depth (or projection) of the knob and the thickness of your drawer or door.

If this measurement is up to 1 3/4", use B97.
If this measurement is up to 2", use B98.
If this measurement is up to 2 1/4", use B99.
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