Q&A: Strand Cane & Supplies

Q&A: Strand Cane & Supplies
Questions & Answers

Q: What is cane?

A: Natural strand cane, often called chair cane, is made from the outside bark of the Rattan Palm, a tropical vine which is grown primarily in the Malay Peninsula, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The thorny leaves are removed and the rattan peel (outer bark) is cut by machine to various widths for use in cane seating. The hard outer surface of the bark is glossy, creating a nice look on caned chairs.

Q: What size cane do I need?

A: If you are weaving 1 chair of a set, then you will want to use the size that was used in the other chairs. (The width of the cane we carry is listed in the individual cane descriptions.) Otherwise you will need to measure the diameter of the holes drilled in the wood frame. Also take the measurement from the center of one hole to the center of the next. Then follow this chart to determine the size of cane you need:

Hole Diam.: 3/16", Ctr. to Ctr.: 1/2"-Order FineFine

Hole Diam.: 3/16", Ctr. to Ctr.: 5/8"-Order Fine

Hole Diam.: 1/4", Ctr. to Ctr.: 3/4"-Order NarrowMedium

Q: How much cane should I order?

A: If you are doing one chair seat, approximately 12"x14", order a one chair coil. A hank of cane will be enough material for 3-4 average chair seats (12"x14") and is less expensive than buying several individual coils. If you are doing a larger seat or a rocking chair back AND seat then a hank is definately the way to go.

Q: What is binder cane for?

A: Binder cane is used in the very last step in hand weaving. (Step 7) It is the finishing touch on your project.

Q: What size binder cane should I order?

A: Binder cane comes with the one chair coils. If you are ordering a hank of cane you will need to order binder cane seperataely. You want the binder cane to be approximately the width of the holes drills in the wood. Binder Cane comes in 4-4.5mm, 5-5.5mm and 6-6.5mm widths.
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