Famowood behaves like real wood because it is made with genuine wood flour. Allowing you to sand, drill, and stain as you usually would!
Famowood has been on the market for over 70 years, and continues to this day to provide a quality product.

To view and download the MSDS for this product, click here!

Notice for previous users of PL Fix Wood Filler:
PL Fix has been discontinued.
Due to this, we have professionally and personally switched to using Famowood.
They are very comparable products.

Their dry time is virtually the same. Neither product shrinks or cracks as it dries.
Both sand easily and take stain just as willingly.
If you loved the PL Fix, then you'll surely love Famowood!

*More color options available by special order! Contact us if you would like a color pamphlet.
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