Trunk Drawbolt - Med

Trunk Drawbolt - Med
Item# G17B

Product Description

This trunk drawbolt is our medium size and the drawbolt with the most versatiltiy. It can be used on trunks, suitcases or other boxes that close from the top. This drawbolt would have typically be found on either side of a lock.
Brass Plated, Stamped Steel

Overall: 3-1/4"high x 1-3/4"wide
Fasteners sold separately


Traditionally trunk hardware was fastened with Trunk Nails, which were driven through the outer shell and bent over using a heavy metal object, such as an old iron, on the opposite side. This creates a very strong hold on even thin trunk walls.
The bent over ends were then covered when the paper or fabric was installed.

Trunk Tacks have a bit more of a rounded head, and are both sharper and shorter than a nail. Tacks are used for cosmetic applications rather than structural ones

Wood Screws can be used if you are not planning on doing a complete restoration, in order to prevent interference with the interior of the trunk. Be sure to choose an appropriate length, so they will not come through the core to the inside.