Glass Door Knob Sets with Rosettes

These are complete sets of doorknob hardware, including a tubular door latch, a face plate, a strike plate, a pair of door knobs with a spindle, and a pair of door rosettes. Choose from 3 different knobs, 3 different rosettes, and 4 finishes. Some sets are available with a privacy function. These sets are for the convenience of buying all the parts for a door knob set together. Individual door hardware pieces can be bought separately on the previous page.

If you don't see the combination you want in a box set, call us or order the pieces individually.

If you need multiple sets with both privacy and passage functions, be aware that ARC5, ARC6 are the only rosettes available in both.

Please allow 2 week delivery for boxed sets, as these items need to be special ordered.
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