Custom Table Pads

Custom Table Pads

About Custom Table Pads: Berger's Table Pad Company custom makes high-quality protective pads for tables. Their pads are made from solid-core fiber board with a vinyl surface and velvet underside in a variety of color options. They come with a magnetic locking system to prevent the pieces from separating, and are machine-cut for precision. The custom kits offered on our website will allow you to order pads for a table up to 11' with leaves. They come with up to three fleece-lined protective leaf bags and a lifetime warranty. Before ordering, please read through the following instructions carefully.

How to Order: The first step to your custom table pad is to purchase a kit from us for $100. This will serve as a deposit on the $295 total. Use the coupon code "tablepadshipping" to get free shipping from our website.

When you receive the kit from us, follow the instructions inside. You will make a pattern and fill out a redemption certificate. Use this webpage to view your color options.

Use the enclosed postage-paid envelope to send the pattern, redemption certificate, and remaining balance of $195 to Berger's Table Pad Company. Allow 6-8 weeks for the delivery of your table pad.
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