Caring for Caned Seats

Caring for Caned Seats
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You can extend the life of your newly caned seat by following a few simple steps. Cane is a natural fiber and will stretch when used. Being a natural fiber, it will only stretch so far before it will break. Preventing this is easy. Keep an eye on your chair seat. If you see that the cane is beginning to sag, it is time to act!

STEP 1: Turn the chair over and place a warm, damp towel on the underside of the cane. (It is important to do this on the underside since the cane has a natural coating on the top side which will prevent it from absorbing moisture.)

STEP 2: Allow the towel to sit on the cane for 1 hour. Then remove the towel and let the cane dry at room temperature. As is dries the cane should become taut again.