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Furniture Restoration Center of Oregon is located in Philomath, Oregon, a small town centrally located in the Willamette Valley. We have had a Main Street business, in this same location, for 35+ years though our fascination and love of antiques goes back much further than that. Over the years our philosophy has changed and developed as we have grown to appreciate the artistry, craftsmanship and attention to detail that is so apparent in the antique furniture we work on. As time has passed, we have come to realize that we have a responsibility to preserve this furniture for future generations to appreciate and enjoy and perhaps, even to learn from. Therefore our mission is to provide quality products and services related to the preservation and restoration of furniture and architectural components.

We offer many services at our shop. If you are a local customer and are interested in our services, please go to the "Our Services" link.

Our retail store continues to expand each year and of course this website is an extension of that part of our business. Our shop has been described by restoration enthusiasts to be like a "candy store"! We carry stains, finishes, repair supplies, fillers and glues. We have a growing selection of seat weaving supplies, complete with how-to books, in case you want to try a project on your own. We also carry a nice selection of reproduction furniture hardware in brass, some nickel, wood, glass and porcelain. This includes handles, knobs, escutcheons, coat hooks, mirror hardware, latches, catches, casters, etc. Last, but not least is trunk hardware. There is an ever growing number of people getting those old trunks out of the attic to restore and put to use. Many have sentimental value, having belonged to a family member. Often times they are full of pictures and other memorabilia. It is important to keep these trunks in reasonable condition so they can be passed on through your family. We can help with our selection of handles, handle caps, nails, hinges, rollers and stays.

Whether we work on a trunk or a caned chair or an old dresser, often times the piece is important to our customer because it belonged to a family member. This is the part of restoration that is really special to us. We enjoy the stories our customers share with us about the project. We love helping keep the memories alive!


Physical Address: 1321 Main Street, Philomath, OR 97370
Mailing Address: PO box 331, Philomath, OR 97370
Email Address: RestorationSupplies@yahoo.com
Phone: 541-929-6681
Website: RestorationSupplies.com


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
: 9AM - 5PM
Friday: By appointment. (We are usually here, just call ahead to let us know what time you would like to stop by.
Please leave a message if we don't pick up the phone.)

1st Saturday of the Month: 11am - 3pm

Driving Directions:When coming from the East (Corvallis) we are just before the 2nd stop light on the right side of Main Street. Our building is beige with green awnings.

When coming from the West you will be coming into town on Applegate Street.
Turn left on 14th and left on Main Street. We will be on your right in the middle of the block.


Pictures of FRCO's history can be found on our Facebook page by clicking HERE

Contact Us by Phone: 541-929-6681

Or by Email: RestorationSupplies@Yahoo.com
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